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Investment portfolios available through Wealth Renovators, LLC are the result of Nobel Prize winning research that embraces globally diversified and institutional-size investments.  Our focus is capturing market rates of return from multiple asset classes.

The portfolios have over 12,000 individual holdings with internal turnover ratios WELL below industry averages.  This means less internal cost and higher rates of return are passed to our clients.

Here are 5 Top Reasons for using our Structured-Asset Class Investment Portfolios:

1)      Sound Philosophy-the application of Free Market Portfolio Theory attempts to increase investment returns without increasing risk, or to reduce risk without sacrificing returns.

It’s based on attempting to achieve market returns in asset categories and applying Nobel Prize-winning economic research.  It emphasizes high book-to-market stocks and small cap stocks, an investment strategy based on the three-factor model developed at the University of Chicago by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French.

2)      Worldwide asset class diversification-“refined” asset class funds such as international high book-to-market stocks, emerging countries’ stocks, international small stocks, and global fixed-income securities are utilized.  These are NOT Index Funds or ETF’s (exchange traded funds).

Asset classes with low correlation to each other are less likely to move in tandem.  This strategy provides better diversification as asset classes move in opposite cycles with the objective that losses in one asset class may be offset with simultaneous gains in other asset classes.

3)      Reduced investing cost-your portfolio is rebalanced on a quarterly basis so the target asset allocations are consistently maintained.  Your portfolio will contain no-load institutional mutual funds with low costs, low turnover, and low redemption relative to consumer mutual funds.

There are NO COMMISSIONS so there are no incentives to trade.

4)      Superior education and Reports– we gives clients on-going live, audio and visual presentations designed to reinforce education about free market investing.  Clients have real time access to their portfolio through the internet.   Clients also receive clear, easy to understand reports that explain exactly what you have and show the asset allocation of your total portfolio.

5)      Simplified investment experience– There is no need to constantly watch investments because you are always fully invested.

Diversification across markets aims to eliminate concerns over the economic events.   A consistent investment strategy eliminates the need to constantly change investment strategies.

Under the guidance of our selected portfolio manager, the portfolio may satisfy the very strict fiduciary standards imposed by law on trustees, officers and directors.

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