Super Bowls Ads and Volatility

by brendon on January 30, 2013

Overland Park and Kansas City investors need financial planning, investment advice, coaching and education to help them increase investment returns, control volatility, remain disciplined and achieve greater peace of mind.   Super Bowl commercials this weekend will cause you to think about your investments.  Before you take any action with your investments, take the 20 Must-Answer-Question quiz below and see if these ads or your current advisor is helping you get YES answers.

Do you know how to measure volatility in your investments?   Watch this video to see an example of a lower volatility portfolio giving you GREATER annualized returns vs. a portfolio with the same average returns.

TIP:  Having higher volatility is alright provided you’re getting compensated with greater rates of return.  Most investors have investment allocations giving them lower rates of return related to the amount of risk they’re taking.  It’s like driving a car with flat tires.   It’s expensive and inefficient.

Work with an Investor Coach that will help you get YES answers to these questions and deliver EFFICIENT and ACADEMICALLY TESTED AND PROVEN INVESTMENT PORTFOLIOS!!

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