How do you know you’re managing market-risk?

June 2, 2011

Investors in Kansas City and Overland Park, KS need financial planning and investment management that’s goal-driven, controls risk and integrates into a single process. Traditional investing models fail to connect investment plans with an investor’s funding needs.  This prevents advisors from combining a financial plan and investment management service in a way that reflects the […]

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Nothing Keeps Me up at Night Because I understand Free Markets

June 1, 2011

Kansas City and Overland Park investors, financial planners and advisers attempting to time the market, pick stocks or buy 4 and 5 star Morningstar rated mutual funds loose sleep at night. Historical evidence proves these are negative investing activities or behaviors.   Avoid these. Understand that capital markets work and reward value creation.  This means forecasting […]

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Does activity like “sector-hopping” equal control?

May 18, 2011

Investors and advisers in Kansas City and Overland Park want control and success when implementing investment advice and strategies. The illusion of control is often created by advisers in the traditional financial service industry by making unnecessary changes in the amount you have invested in a particular asset-class or segment of the market.   This is […]

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Can you Plan for Inflation Risk with Commodities?

May 11, 2011

Prudent independent financial planning and advice means knowing how to measure and manage risk.  Kansas City investors need to protect and plan for inflation-risk.  Your inflation risk strategies shouldn’t include the ownership of gold (or any other commodity such as oil, gas, cotton, silver and copper).   TV, radio, the internet, billboards on the highway, magazines, newsletters and newspapers are […]

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Mutual fund managers fail to Beat their Benchmark….

May 6, 2011

To implement great investment advice and follow independent financial plans means you can also measure its success. Investing in broadly diversified portfolios designed to deliver market rates of return with reduced risk will help you to know your expected rate of return, volatility measures and worst/best case return years for the asset classes you’re invested […]

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“TIP”S to Gauge Inflation Risk

May 2, 2011

How can fee-based investment advisors, financial planners and Kansas City investors like you “gauge” inflation risk when added media coverage increases fear about it? Coverage about the lowering value of the US dollar and subsequent rise in the cost of oil and consumables that are dependent upon imports is an example of one such story? […]

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Are Financial Planners and Advisors in Kansas City missing the point?

April 26, 2011

  Why use an Independent, Fee-based or Fee-only Financial Planner? To implement or rely upon complicated investment strategies that use a prediction or forecast?   Or is it pay for an expensive multi-chapter financial plan that eventually gets  itself  “parked” on the shelf and never opened again?  Perhaps it’s for “bragging rights” around the water cooler […]

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Don’t BET on ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds)

April 24, 2011

…………unless you’re GAMBLING with your investments Financial planning and investment advising is seeing a massive increase in the number of ETF’s available for individual investors. Throughout the Kansas City metro area, people are talking more and more about these.  What’s my take?  They’re totally unnecessary;  not needed to create broadly diversified portfolios that capture market […]

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Mutual fund measures tell you less than you think

April 16, 2011

Wall Street Journal published a recent article entitled “Numbers You Can’t Count On”.    I agree with all that was written—but also think the article missed the point about how to make prudent investment decisions.   And what’s that?  It’s focus on capturing market rates of return by owning broadly diversified investment portfolios.   Owning retail mutual funds will […]

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Does “market timing” add value to your portfolio?

March 29, 2011

Market Timing is any attempt to alter or change the mix of assets based on a prediction or forecast about the future.   The traditional financial services industry wants you to believe Money managers are able to utilize market timing to effectively predict up & down markets.

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