The Best Managers Don’t Stay on Top

July 17, 2013

Great investment advice for Kansas City and Overland Park investors is this:  use passive-management investment strategies and avoid active-management.  Understand that if outperformance by active mutual fund managers was truly due to skill, you should see the best performers stay at the top from one period to the next. However, a report by Standard & […]

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July 12, 2013

WHERE DO RETURNS COME FROM? Kansas City and Overland Park investors need investment advice that leads to increased returns and greater peace of mind.   Managing your own behavior when it comes to investing is impossible by asking the wrong questions.  That’s why as an Investor Coach I spend time coaching people to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS, […]

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Super Bowls Ads and Volatility

January 30, 2013

Overland Park and Kansas City investors need financial planning, investment advice, coaching and education to help them increase investment returns, control volatility, remain disciplined and achieve greater peace of mind.   Super Bowl commercials this weekend will cause

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What Can a Coach Do For You?

September 27, 2012

The job of a coach is help a person get where they can’t go on their own, given their old ways of thinking.  A coach isn’t afraid to tell TRUTH.   There are truths about investing that the traditional financial service industry doesn’t want you to know.   What you get when working with an Investor Coach […]

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Effects of International Diversification-Good or Bad?

August 30, 2012

Kansas City and Overland Park investors need international diversification to lower volatility and to capture rates of return.  This news video with Mark Matson and Cheryl Cascone covers some great reasons why and HOW to actual do this. Tip:  own STRUCTURED MARKET PORTFOLIOS instead of ETF’s.  View my post discussing why ETF’s are a BAD […]

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What Makes Owning ETF’s a Bad Idea?

August 16, 2012

Kansas City and Overland Park investors should avoid the use of ETF’s (exchange traded funds) for the simple reason they can lead to poor results. ETF’s allow for hyper-active-intraday trading.  Active management investment philosophies promote this type of behavior as a good idea.   Academic studies show historical rates of return for this type of activity […]

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How to Know You’ll Always Own a Winning Asset Class

March 30, 2012

Great investment advice for Kansas City and Overland Park investors means making sure you own ALL asset classes.   Now, more than ever, firms and salespeople selling products that pay commissions are promoting things like HIGH YIELD BONDS.  (These are typically “JUNK BONDS” and will impact the volatility of your total investment portfolio like US Large […]

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Questions for your broker or adviser after their mutual fund recommendation

January 5, 2012

Kansas City fee-based advisers, financial planning firms and brokers should consider these questions before making recommendations to their clients to “buy”.    You don’t need to know EVERYTHING to be a better financial manager and investor.  You just need to know the answers to a few critical questions.   Thanks to Dan Solin, a regular contributor […]

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Avoiding Spousal Beneficiary Mistakes in 5 Easy Steps

November 15, 2011

Kansas City and Overland Park investors need investment advice and financial planning solutions that anticipate the death of a spouse.   Having a TRUST doesn’t guarantee your assets will avoid the expensive and long process of PROBATE.  Contact me to analyze your holdings and beneficiaries to help make this process go smoothly.   Here are 5 Easy […]

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