Nothing Keeps Me up at Night Because I understand Free Markets

by brendon on June 1, 2011

Kansas City and Overland Park investors, financial planners and advisers attempting to time the market, pick stocks or buy 4 and 5 star Morningstar rated mutual funds loose sleep at night. Historical evidence proves these are negative investing activities or behaviors.   Avoid these.

Understand that capital markets work and reward value creation.  This means forecasting and predicting when and where to invest isn’t necessary.

Watch this video and work with a firm that will help you implement and follow three simple rules:

1)  Be Diversified in multiple asset-classes (not just S&P 500).

2)  Own equities long term (if you’re retired you still need a small percentage in stocks to stay ahead of inflation)

3)  Systematically re-balance (this makes buying low and selling high possible without your emotions of fear and greed getting in the way).

Educate yourself, understand what market rates of return are and capture them with proven investment strategies.

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