Invest to WIN!

Winning investment strategies that lead to great financial advice and performance require this combination: 

 1) increase activities that give good results; 2) decrease activities that give poor results.  

Easier said than done, right?

Take for example losing weight or increasing physical performance;   everybody knows you should move more and eat less to accomplish the goal.  But how many people actually do that?

Investing is no different.  YET, the average investor, trusting the traditional financial services industry lives with poorly diversified and highly volatile investments that result in annualized rates of return WELL below the markets!    It’s no wonder investors of ALL ages live with fear, confusion and mistrust of investment advice and professionals.   (See DALBAR Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior reports.)

Why is this? 

Activities leading investors to poor results are the same activities that reward the traditional financial services industry in selling commission based products.   Wealth Renovators, LLC identifies these negative activities as STOCK PICKING, MARKET TIMING and TRACK RECORD INVESTING.

Financial advice from Wealth Renovators, LLC is free from the need to sell commission based products.

How do we do this? 

1) By implementing Simple Investment Strategies for Success 2) Knowing answers to the RIGHT questions and 3) Avoiding Traps that will KILL your Portfolio

You won’t be confused about what activities to increase and decrease when working with an Investor Coach at Wealth Renovators, LLC.

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