Have You Noticed Markets Are Down?

by brendon on February 3, 2014

Overland Park and Kansas City investment advice and financial planning update:  the market has experienced some volatility for the start of 2014—I’m sure you’ve noticed.   The media is having a “hay day” with this one too; so if you watch ANY kind of news programming—ALL the networks are talking about this.   They’ll probably have “experts” on the show also forecasting, predicting and prognosticating about what they think the market will do next and what you should do.

So what should you do!?   The first thing is remember the basics.   C>(I+E+P)M.  (Watch video for explanation.)

The next thing is remember that the market is behaving like it’s supposed to.   Also keep in mind that the market is up approximately 3 out of every 4 years.   When it’s up, the average % up is about 20%; when it’s down, the average d% own is about 13%.   Now—I don’t gamble—but if I did, and somebody told me the odds at the casino were this good—I’d probably become a gambler.

So-rest assured that your portfolios are allocated globally, in many many many distinct asset-classes and that your exposure to the stocks is appropriate based on the tolerances we’ve set up within your investment policy statement.

Last and definitely NOT least, please consider tuning into the Matson Money LIVE show at 2pm CST every week.  You can watch previously recorded episodes and participate with by asking questions and making comments in a live feed.   This is capable through a service called LIVESTREAM and you can link to it by going to www.matsonmoney.com, clicking on the link on the home page, or directly with this link at www.livestream.com/markmatson

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