Do returns come from fund managers or stock picks?

by brendon on November 9, 2011

Financial planning and investment advice in Kansas City and Overland Park shouldn’t be negatively influenced by what the media wants you to believe are prudent strategies.   Prudent investment strategies share this believe: returns come from the market.

Imprudent strategies (or activities) include stock picking, market-timing (moving in and out of the market based on a prediction, forecast or feeling), track-record investing (looking at past performance of a fund or fund manager to choose an investment) and ignoring costs.  Active-management firms (which include virtually all broker-dealers) sell commission-product that enable imprudent activities like these.

As an Investor Coach, it’s my job to help you be a better investor.

The first step to be a better investor:  Eliminate imprudent activities.

Next: Identify your personal risk tolerance?  Do you have a system to measure volatility in your investments?  If not, start with an unbiased analysis of your current  investments.

Last, work with an Investor Coach to capture markets rates of return in an investment portfolio that matches your capacity and/or tolerance for risk.  Using structured asset-class investments and academic measures for diversification and risk, you can have a portfolio you can live with for 10, 15, or 20 years.

Wealth Renovators, LLC doesn’t sell commission-based investments and the firm is a Registered Investment Adviser.  Rest assured you’re getting the best possible advice and portfolios when working with this firm.

Educate yourself, understand what market rates of return are and work with a coach to capture them with proven investment strategies.

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