Coaching vs. Financial Planning

The traditional “commission-driven” financial planning process is BROKEN

It’s marketed as a tool to sell financial plans and/or product like expensive retail mutual funds, life insurance and annuities.  The process results in fear, anxiety, and confusion for this reason: 

“Advisors” (code word for salesperson), working for a broker/dealer or insurance company sell product that pay them commission income.  The firm controls the product recommendations and the consumer working with the advisor has little way of knowing whether the recommendations are in their best interest or the best interest of the advisor.  

INVESTOR COACHING educates investors to know and understand the difference.  

It puts the investing consumer back in control and helps them to deal with the instincts and emotions that are at the root of poor investment behaviors/activities.   Studies reveal the average investor lives with poorly allocated and highly volatile investment portfolios.  

If you’re one of these investors, take control by educating yourself, understand what market rates of return are and capture them with proven investment strategies.

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