Initial Consultation

Initial consultations takes 1-1.5 hours.   If you’ve attended an education event, the first agenda item is to review your Wealth Index Survey and Social Security Timing reports.  We spend the rest of time answering questions related to your financial life and services the firm offers.

Since the prospective client (or Team Member) and us (the firm) are trying to discover if services we offer will satisfy their needs, we’re also attempting to see if we’ll be a great F.I.T. for each other.  Therefore, there’s no sales pitch or pressure to engage our services during the meeting.

NOTE:  F.I.T. is an acronym for services clients (or Team Members) access from the firm.  They are:

Financial Life Planning, Investment Management Solutions and Technology and Tools.  

At the conclusion of this meeting, we schedule a phone call for approximately 48 hours later to discuss the prospective client’s and firm’s decision to work together or not work together.   If we agree on a F.I.T., the process begins with an official engagement agreement and scheduling a next meeting.   If either party doesn’t think we’ll be a good fit, we wish each other the best.


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