About Us

We are an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 2008 by Brendon Jenks.  We exist to empower families in discovering their True Purpose for Money™ and life.   If that sounds like an unusual goal for people in our business, we understand;  however, in nearly two decades of experience in financial services,  we’ve noticed that when you live your life on purpose, you invest on purpose. And that’s what we’re standing for you to do.

By transforming the investing experience, clients are left them with more freedom, fulfillment and love around money and investing.   How do we know?

Simple.  New actions occur.

When a person discovers what it is to be an investor, what investing REALLY is and is not, and chooses a ‘world of investing’ that’s aligned with their True Purpose for Money™ (and life), they do things they didn’t do before.

Our clients are a community of like-minded people living life purposefully and making intentional contributions to the world that create flourishing.

Clients benefit from on-going coaching and education, world class investment portfolio solutions, financial and retirement planning services and superior customer service.

Specialties: Coaching, retirement planning, independent investment and cost analysis, IRA/401k investment analysis and provider, investment portfolio solution provider.

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