About Us

Wealth Renovators, LLC is fee-based financial planning firm in Overland Park, Kansas, an independent Registered Investment Advisor founded and owned by Brendon Jenks for the sole purpose of providing “investment coaching”, fee-based financial planning and investment solutions to residents of Kansas and Missouri.

Our offices are on Front Street (inside Edison Credit Union-serving its Members, primarily employees of Kansas City Power and Light), The Plaza and Lighton Tower (Overland Park headquarter location).

Why “investment-coaching” first?

Our Perspective

Wealth Renovators, LLC is not a traditional financial planning or investment advisory firm.  Do clients get planning and investment advice here?  Yes.  They also get “investment-coaching”.  Coaching helps a person get to where they can’t go on their own given their current ways of thinking.  Traditional firms don’t offer this.  Prudently managing resources God’s entrusted us with means successfully managing and sometimes changing behaviors.  This improves stewardship, helps to avoid activities that destroy investment returns and leads to greater peace of mind.

The traditional financial advising process is often marketed as a tool to sell expensive financial plans, “commission-driven” product available from broker dealers and insurance companies like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance and annuities.  This process is broken for the following reasons:

  1. Most advisors (“codeword” for saleperson), working for a brokerage firm, broker/dealer or insurance company sell products that pay a commission.
  2. The firm controls  product recommendations and the individual investor (YOU) working with the salesperson generally has little way of knowing whether the recommendations are in their best interest or the best interest of the salesperson.
  3. Traditional advising does little to educate investors and help them deal with instincts and emotions at the root of poor and highly volatile investment returns.

The end result is most investors experience fear, information overload and confusion.  They’re forced to trust the only process they know—“commission-driven” advice that leads to “thinly” diversified, poorly allocated, and highly volatile investment portfolios.

Using fee based financial planning and an Investor Coach offered through Wealth Renovators, LLC will “clear the fog” around investing and lead to more confidence you’re INVESTING TO WIN!

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